Why Every Girl Has A Crush On Fawad Khan!

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.

Ok, I have to admit I was dying to write an article on this man ever since I saw him on the newly launched Zindagi Channel. I still remember that day vividly when we were all sitting waiting in anticipation for the new channel which showed serials from across the border to start with its first serial called ‘Zindagi Gulzar hain’… ironic isn’t it?

Anyways, not knowing any of the lead actors and in fact, not even having any expectations too, we saw ‘him’ being introduced strumming a guitar…… Little did we know that in the coming months all girls would be ‘dancing’ to his tunes…

Still didn’t get it?? Well, I am talking about that person whom every girl, well let be more clear every woman is mad about, the man who speaks with his eyes, the man who has the best smile and of course a man who broke a million hearts when it was known that he was married. Move over our Indian Khans… here comes another Khan from across the border and is going strong – FAWAD KHAN!
The dashing new man on the block has already created an uproar with his good looks and impeccable acting. No doubt he is the new flavour of the season. Having done considerable work in the Pakistani Serials, he moved over to Bollywood with his debut movie ‘Khoobsurat’ and after that ‘Kapoor and sons’ and is on a signing spree in Bollywood.
But what makes Fawad so irresistible that girls from the age of 6 to 60 are his fans and he is every teenage girl’s dream man? Interesting indeed, why don’t we find out and you can form your own opinion.


Dreamy Eyes, Deep Voice And A Smile To Kill




If you have ever read the Mills and Boons series, the ideal romantic hero has all the qualities which our dear Fawad possesses. Fawad’s dreamy eyes, which speaks volumes, his deep and husky voice which can make any girl go weak in her knees and of course his charming smile makes him totally irresistible and every girl that wants her dream man should be as ideal as him.


Appearances Galore – Elegance Personified


One thing that every girl looks at her future man is the way he carries himself and yes appearances do matter! And yes Fawad Khan epitomizes style in whatever he wears, whether they are casuals or formals. Well, there is a reason why Fawad is dressed so perfectly and that’s because this rock star turned model turned actor owns his own clothing brand called ‘Silk’. Now we know the true meaning of ‘dressed to kill’!


Down To Earth And Modest


Fawad is a breezy change from all the actors of today who are total health freaks and have continuously bombard their social media pages with their six pack abs. Fawad is a normal real down to earth person who is health conscious, but does not boast about it always. He is oh so chivalrous and well-mannered when he is giving interviews that sometimes the interviewer forgets that he is asking questions to a movie star. It’s like talking to your friend or colleague.


Family Man


In this day and age of social media, extra martial affairs and divorces, Fawad is one person who believes in the concept of a family. He started dating his wife at the age of 17 and he immediately realized that she was his dream woman. Married for almost 10 years with a young son, Fawad shows that how a complete and happy marriage can’t stop him from chasing his dreams. In the industry where temptations galore, Fawad Khan still believes in the sanity of marriage and no extra martial affairs. One more brownie point for our handsome guy.


Multi Talented Personality




The dream of every young girl is to have a man who is a jack of all trades and our dear Fawad just proving that point. Before becoming a model and actor, Fawad was the lead singer of his own rock band. Trust me apart from acting, this guy can sing and dance too! What more would surprise you. He can even play musical instruments… The drums!! Wow! Now that’s really called being multi-talented. Wish every woman had a Fawad in life!


Clean Image- Controversies Stay Away


Well, he knows what background he comes from and that’s why he is very clear about the kind of roles he would take up and that’s why he is very proud of his onscreen and off screen image. He has stated very clearly that he won’t be taking up any role which might land up in controversy. Guess that’s why he hasn’t been linked to anyone to… Wah Fawad Wah!


I can go on and on about how charming, suave Fawad Khan is, but I guess there has to be a stop somewhere. Fawad Khan is a typical Mr Darcy character of those Jane Austen novels, or our tall, fair and handsome man from Mills and Boons whom we can see in flesh and blood. He is sexy, smart and someone who suits the word ‘gentleman’ to the T. Fawad Khan is here to stay and yes, he is the dream man of every girl, so what if he is married, one can still appreciate beauty and talent.