Side Effects of Being A South Indian In North India

“South Indian” the very word reminds us of the epic Bollywood Movie- Chennai Express. Their language flow, dressing sense, taste, culture, traditions and almost everything are so different from the north!

Well…there are situations which would make south Indians go numb and stand still!


He: “Hey bhai! kaise ho!” Me: “umm…err..Good..I mean…o_O”

giphy (1)Call it inferiority or superiority; South Indians always have a problem in speaking Hindi. Study Hindi from grade 1 to grade 12, score a 90, meet a north Indian and you are stuck! You stammer! Your eyes widen! Your hands and face becomes more expressive than your words! The usage of fillers would have lost its count! Not that you don’t know to speak or understand Hindi, but must accept, it is just a single ray of uncomfortable feel which would have slid in and over you.


“Am I…okay..Am i…Oh god…”

Side Effects of Being A South Indian In North India

South Indians always have the habit of getting more conscious about their outfit. The thought of how others would look at them would have made them look down at their dress count 100 times!

“OMG! Look at her…! No Wait! Is she looking at me?”

Side Effects of Being A South Indian In North IndiaYou can never adjust to the burning summer or the icy winter in Delhi once you have seen the moderates in south. You would witness yourself sweating in Delhi metro while the localities are still fresh and fantastic. You don’t just make yourself uncomfortable, but make them feel uncomfortable as well, by passing on strange stares! You can forcefully adapt yourself, but it is hard to enjoy the real over there.

“Riceee…sambaaar…rasam…idli…dosa…I miss you all :’(“


Side Effects of Being A South Indian In North India

Earn millions, but in the end, all what is wanted is a three times meal a day. And south Indians, who are die hard fans of Rice, can never be happy with just rotis. The hot sizzling thought of rasam could even make them cry when they have a piece of roti in their mouth.

“Am I boring or is she toooo outspoken…!?!?!?”

You swallow a gulp in front of your fellow north friends who are just being too open and too bold. You then realize you have stayed an introvert all your life! But then, that doesn’t really cause an issue.

“Sniff…Sniff….smells good…But coconut oil would have been better!”

You are always left highly obsessed with the smell of coconut oil! No international Perfume can beat its smell according to you! You would be dying to smell it in the food as well as on the head!

“Shuklam..bharadaram…vishnum…No no…wait…silence…what is it..Itz the time to disco…huh!!!!#Shocked”

Side Effects of Being A South Indian In North India

South Indians are typically traditional! Mantra…before sleep…after sleep…before food…after food! No pants while offering prayers…no slippers while praying! Your jaw drops when you see a north Indian calmly preceding his offering wearing a tight jean and Reebok shoe!

“Dhothi…How I wish you were with me!”

Guys mainly miss wearing their all time favourite dhoti and baniyan. The top to bottom covered jeans and tee would itch you more when you see the dhothi lying motionless in the cupboard!



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