Right Beard Style For Your Face To Make Girls Drool

Deepti Duggal

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I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man – Johnny Weir


Women like beards! Did you know that? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word ‘Beard’?? Well, mostly the women would say it’s just facial hair, what’s the big deal about it. But ask a man and you are in for a good thesis on beards. They will say the right beard styles are rare. They are equally obsessed about it as women is about her hair. Gone are those days when beards were only grown by the labourers or the lumberjacks, now beards are a style statement and have got a place in the lives of every man, be it a 9 to5 professional or a business man.

However, no two men are same and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some grow a beard to their ankles, while some struggle even for a stubble. But guys, don’t be disheartened, what are we for? We shall help you and make you understand the right beard for your face…so zip zap and zoom for a ‘beardful’ journey ahead!!


The Round Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


Round face people have the biggest dilemma than anyone else and that is how to hide those chubby cheeks which people find cute and pull them, but ask a man with chubby cheeks and you would know his pain. So to hide those horrendous cheeks, these men feel that having a long full beard would elongate their face.

But hey bad news awaits!

Long full beards with bushy side burns will only make your face look more round and not thin as thought. Hence the right beard styles for these types of men should avoid the full beard look and opt for a neatly trimmed beard style which has hard lines along the cheekbones and a slightly ‘squared’ off neckline which helps to narrow down the face at the sides and in turn make it a little elongated.

To enhance more of this look, one can opt for a nice moustache, but remember it should not extend past the corners of the mouth. This whole look would definitely make your face narrow, hence mission accomplished.


The Oval Face



Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


Oval face people are the luckiest people born on this planet. Why we say that, well you would know in a matter of seconds. You are those special people on which any type, any style of beard suits. You just to need to experiment a little as to which beard suits you and voila …You are the king of the ‘Beard land’. So you lucky men, go flaunt it and enjoy the attention.


The Square Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


Men with square face have a very strong jaw line, sometimes a bit too strong too, and hence the men want it to soften its appearance with the help of the beards. A short beard with hard lines or a scruffy beard will help soften that jaw line. Also, another way to accentuate that jaw line is that choose an all over beard that is clipped close to the face. This will soften the bottom of your face giving it a slightly more rounded look. This way you would also look very stylish.


The Rectangular Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


Well, this face is quite similar to the square one and the men with these kind of a face cut have the same problem as above and that is to soften the already hard jawlines and also give their face a less elongated look. The best bet for these face types is to choose a style called a chin curtain beard. A chin curtain beard is a style that runs through your jaw line to your chin to the other end of your face. This beard style has great similarity with chin strap beards; however, the difference is, chin strap cover part of the chin, whereas the chin covers the chin comprehensively.

The men can also go for a style called the short box beard. Carefully sculpted and groomed thanks to its close crop and defined borders, it highlights the cheekbones and emphasizes the jawline, the whiskers are limited to the cheeks, upper lip, and chin and extend just an inch or two beneath the chin. So guys you have options if you have a rectangular face.


The Long Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


People with a long, narrow face want to give an appearance of a shorter face and how to do that. Well then the best style suited to this face is a beard that keeps the hair on your chin to a minimum length. The longer the beard, the longer your face will tend to look. So, keep that hair in the chin area shorter to help make your face look a little shorter as well. Long, narrow faces often look good with two day grown on the lower half of their face. Stubble styling softens up that long, narrow look, making your face look a bit shorter and a little bit fuller. These types of beards take the attention away from the narrow jawline.


The Triangular Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


This face cut typically has a wide hairline, broad jawline and a narrow chin. So to create balance a full beard would not do justice as a full beard may round the chin more and make the face even longer, hence these types of people should resort to be a nice goatee styling, to give the chin a more rounded appearance while helping to keep the face from looking narrower. However, you should avoid too much fullness along the sides of the face as that would give an appearance of a wider jawline.


The Heart Shaped Face


Find Out The Right Beard Styles For Your Face Now


You must be a real romantic to have this heart shaped face cut! Jokes apart this face cut is called the ‘No Chin’ face. So how do you have a beard on this face. Interesting indeed… You can go in for a full beard look and while shaping it, keep it a little trimmed to give an impression of a strong jawline and pronounced chin. So now go faster and start growing it.


The Small Face


Beard Styles For Your Face


People with small facial cuts are also referred as Baby Face cut people. Due to this people with these types of facial cuts desperately want to grow a beard to look old but alas! Let me burst the bubble. You would have to skip the beard of any type and would have to go clean shaven. Any type of beard would automatically make your face smaller only. So guys with small face …Say no to Beards!!!

Beards are no doubt a style statement these days provided that it’s a right beard style. We can see them being flaunted by everyone, right from the common people to the superstars to our prime Minister too!! It gives a sense of masculinity and gives them greater confidence.

We have in our own ways tried to help you with the different beard styles for different faces. Hope this small attempt of ours motivates you to grow your ‘ghar ki kheti’.

So guys go and have fun while growing it…don’t forget the hygiene part though!!