When we played the role of Santa Claus

So, we decided to go out on this Sunday the 25th and it was quite chilling outside with fog and 15 degrees. Yeah, it was the Christmas and literally it doesn’t mean a lot for Indians but somehow we’ve been shown Santa as one of the favourite persons of children.

When we were in our childhood, we kept expecting that Santa would come at night and would place gift beside our pillow, ultimately no one else but the parents were playing the role of Santa to spread an innocent smile on our faces.

It was fixed somewhere in my subconscious mind to spread smiles on other’s faces. Did we need any more excuse now to do the charity… Naah! So finally we got out with our car full of sweatshirts and t-shirts to donate to the needy people.

When we reached there, the kids started running towards us. We were not loaded with so many of woollens to donate to them but somehow we managed to spread few smiles.

Kids were dancing and making noises in excitement and that all made us realise that at least we are doing some good.

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