Memories of Monsoon- Why I Miss My Childhood

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.


Yeah… Its July and its monsoon time… ok ok, I know, now monsoons are basically a pain in the neck because of humidity, clogged roads, and muddy potholes everywhere, where even venturing out of the home is a nightmare but it’s in our memories, the memories of monsoon.


Well, if this is a nightmare for you, think about the poor homemakers who struggle to dry their clothes by putting them everywhere in the house… but hey wait, why are we cribbing so much about the rains?? Rains bring romance, fresh air and one most important thing… Our childhood memories, Memories of monsoon.
Childhood is the most precious times of our life and once it goes, it never comes back again and we yearn for it always. So today, why don’t we go back in time and revive those things which we used to do during monsoons….

Paper Boat Time

Memories of Monsoon- Why I miss my childhood
Remember when we used to hear the lightening and rains, we used to rush to get our notebooks, well not to study, we are not that studious, but to tear a paper and make paper boats. Paper boats of all shapes and sizes were built and then we used to have a colony competition with our friends so as to see whose paper boat won the race in those rainy waters!


Colourful Umbrellas and Raincoats

Memories of Monsoon- Why I miss my childhood
Going to school was fun during rains, no I am not crazy saying that, it was actually something we used to look forward, well why, because that was the time when our colourful umbrellas and neon coloured raincoats would come out of the closet and we would proudly wear and flaunt them to school and the comparison used to begin as to who has the best raincoat attire!


Splishy Splashy

And we go splish and splash, it was all about jumping in muddy puddles whether coming back from school or playing in the rain with your neighbourhood friends and not worrying about Mummy ki pitai… because you see, “daag achche hote hain”. Splashing muddy, dirty puddles were the sweetest memory of rains.


Snail Snail goes away

These friends of ours only used to meet us when it rained, remember the teeny weeny earthworms which come out during this time and you walk tippy toes so as to not crush those tiny animals. Or for that matter the snails and how you used to get fascinated by seeing them curled themselves up once you touched them. And if you were lucky enough, you could catch a glimpse of a frog jumping here and there.


Chai Pakora and Bhutta Time

Memories of Monsoon- Why I miss my childhood
This is the yummiest part of the rains. Mummy makes delicious aloo gobhi pakroas and you gulp them down with hot masala tea… ah! That was life. The other thing was walking down the road with your friends gossiping and eating those mouth-watering bhutta with that khatta nimbu and masala. Hmm am I salivating while writing this, yes I am indeed!


Solace Time

Rains do not necessarily mean jumping around, it also means sitting quietly in your room, with a book in your hand and listening to your favourite songs on FM. Also, you could enjoy the tip top of rains and the smell of earth when the first droplets fell on it. You do need some peace sometimes.

Hailstorms and Rainbows

Memories of Monsoon- Why I miss my childhood
Both these things happened once in a blue moon and when it happened, our happiness went leaps and bounds. We would all run out to just hold those hailstorms or “ole” as they are called or when the rainbow came out when both sun and rains were happening, we ran to check out the colours of it called VIBGYOR! Sometimes one used to even shake off rain water from tree branches, water collected on leaves and branches on the trees too. And it was super fun to shake them off on your friend or yourself.
Monsoon and rains bring a freshness in the air with greenery all around and beautiful memories of childhood. Celebrating those days when Monsoons were much more joyous, carefree and amazing! So leave the tension about the clogged roads, the floods, the traffic, and forget about forgetting your umbrella at home! Live in the moment and appreciate nature’s beauty, for this monsoon won’t last forever!!