If You Are Not Listening To Them, You Are Missing A Lot

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.

Allow me ask you a very simple question, what do you do when you are super happy or when you are sad and on the verge of crying. I know it’s quite a dumb question and one would say you resort to eating to let your emotions out. Well, there is one more option in which you can show your emotions, without gaining a kilo.

Did you get it? Yes, its MUSIC. I don’t know about you people, but Music is my life line and I can run low on writing pages and pages on it!! Relax as we won’t bore you that much.

Music is there since time immemorial, your grandparents must have immersed themselves in the music of Saigal and Begum Akhtar. And then your parents grooved to the music combination of Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and of course the evergreen R.D Burman. We took the music a little further and danced to the beats of Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam. But we had more in store for us.

The new kids on the block generation has given us singers par excellence and today we are not just confined listening to a select few. Here we chalk down some of the versatile singers of our times, keeping all genres in mind… so let’s set off this musical journey!!


Sonu Nigam


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot


He is still the best. Remember that long haired lanky boy who sang “Achcha sila diya”, well Sonu Nigam has indeed come a long way since then. His range of songs is commendable, be it his first success of “Yeh dil deewana” to his very soothing “Abhi mujh me kahi baaki”. Yeah this one from Agneepath made me cry, loved it.

Sonu’s silky voice makes you experience all sorts of emotions, while his song “Suraj hua Madhyam” made you all romantic, his “Kal ho na ho” gave you a valuable lesson of respecting time and relationships. His songs have made us cry “Do pal ka” and even made us dance in marriages “Maahi Ve” to farewells “Zoobi Doobi” and his flavour of patriotism in “Sandse aate hain” to “Panchi nadiyaan” was beyond comparison.

The list is endless and he is still giving us memorable songs. I bet when I am writing this, he is recording another super hit. Way to go Mr Nigam, keep us hooked.


Arijit Singh


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot

Now he has been a surprise package. No one could imagine that one day all music directors would be vying for a boy who lost a music competition. Arijit Singh’s story is nothing short of a dream come true story. His voice has such a soothing feel that one can feel all the bottled up emotions coming out in either a smile or in tears. “Tum hi Ho” was the track which made him famous and then there was no looking back. While “Phir le aaya dil”, “Soch na Sake”, “Gerua” made us all romantic, his songs like “Tukar Tukar” and “Tera hero idhar Hain” made us put our dancing shoes. Arijit Singh voice is as humble and sweet as he is and that’s what shows in his songs too.


Sunidhi Chauhan


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot

What can one say about a child prodigy like Sunidhi Chauhan? She was one of the first singers who made it big after winning a reality show. Her rustic voice has been her forte and ever since she sang “Ruki Ruki si zindagi”, her life also went on fast track. She has sung every genre be it romantic, peppy numbers to even item songs. Her famous songs being “Sheila ki jawaani”, “Mehboob mere”, “Yeh mera dil” and many more. Her songs have a very lasting effect on the audience and they are indeed saying “Crazy Kiya Re”. Way to go Sunidhi!


Shreya Ghosal


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot


Another child singer, Shreya Ghoshal’s voice is like honey, which touches your soul. Ever since she sang “Silsila yeh Chahat ka” in Devdas, Shreya has been a favourite of every music director. Her versatility shows in her voice and the selection of her songs. Be it the dance number “Dola re dola” or the beautiful “Piyu Bole” to the monsoon friendly “Barso re” to the very latest “Deewani Mastaani”. She has been a favourite of Sanjay leela Bhansali and he sure knows to take out the best from her. Shreya’s voice is certainly musical.


Mika Singh


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot


Saada Punjabi gabru jawaan… When you want to dance to some peppy numbers, whose songs do you listen to? Yes, right, none other than our “mauja mauja” singer Mika! He is voice behind all item numbers and he owns his success to the mega hit “Saawan mein lag gayi aag”.

I became his fan after listening his song “Billo Yaar Di”. I can fail every one else on dance stage if the DJ plays this songs. lol.

His music compels even a non-dancer like me to shake a leg or two. He can be conveniently called the “Singer, dancer Sardar”. Foot tapping and loud songs being his forte and usually he has a song in every movie that has released in recent times.


Yo Yo Honey Singh


If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot


Honey Singh has got styles, admit it! Think Rap and think these two singers. With punk hairstyles, this guy claims the face of Indian rap. This Punjabi munda has rocked the nation with his numbers. If YoYo sings ‘Char bottle vodka”. Quite popular he is in young blood. I must say he is very talented otherwise one can’t attract that huge fan following that he enjoys.




If You Are Not Listening Them, You Are Missing A Lot


When Yo Yo focuses on “Party All Night” his counterpart Badshah also has the same views about the party and his enhancement to his counterpart is “Party Chalegi till Six in the Morning”. “Ladki kar gayi Chul” & “DJ wale babu” are just a glimpse of all portfolios of huge blockbusters.

Both of them belong to the same genre and their music is quite appealing to the younger disco going crowd.


Music has no boundary, no religion and no caste. It binds everyone, anywhere. We have tried to cover just an iota of the talent we have. There are many singers who are doing brilliant work and some upcoming ones are trying to come into the mainstream. We wish them all success and may we be serenaded with beautiful music life log.