5 Fashion Styling Tips For The Modern Lady

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ – Yves Saint Laurent


All women are obsessed with fashion and there is no denying that. We eat, drink and breathe fashion. All of us are there to outdo each other when it comes to styling, be at college or at work. Well, you guessed it as to what we are going to talk about today.

Every office is different, but we think these hard-and-fast fashion rules are applicable to almost any workplace setting. Go ahead and check out our handy wardrobe guide to ensure you’re not the reason HR is sending out that dress code refresher.

We are going to help our young ladies who have just ventured into the corporate life with some styling tips, so that you are looked up to as a style diva and not as a chalta phirta Christmas tree-


Be Ethnic- The Traditional Wear


fashion styling tips for the modern lady
There is no denying that the beauty of an Indian lady lies in Ethnic Wear. No country in the world has such vibrancy in their colours and patterns as we have it in India. Young ladies are opting for the much easier to wear kurtas with Lycra leggings which come in different colours and can be teamed up differently every time.

So pick a simple kurta, wear some silver ethnic earrings and complete the look with some nice flats and you are ready to go. One thing should be kept in mind is to avoid those huge Antalkali or heavily embroidered suits… you are going to office not to a shaadi!


Evergreen Saree- A Must for Every Lady


fashion styling tips for the modern lady
While the kurta may be the eternal favorite, some girls like to drape the 9 yard saree too, and why not, it’s been there in our culture since time immemorial. The Sarees come in many different colours and materials. A typical bun type hairstyle and a perfect formal sandal will complete the formal look of a woman in a Saree.

But remember, when going to the office, refrain from wearing noodle straps or cleavage showing blouses. You are not modeling, you are working!


Western Formals- To Look Formal


fashion styling tips for the modern lady
Nothing looks better than wearing a nice crisp white shirt with fitted skirt or trouser, but that does not mean you become a black and white movie in the office. You can experiment with pastel shades, too bright colours can make a jarring impact and well people may have to wear sunglasses to look at you.

Make sure to pick a skirt that is not shorter than knee level as this may not be acceptable in a formal environment. Another thing that looks really stylish are those one piece Sheath dresses, but make sure it doesn’t turn out to be a mini dress. One thing to keep in mind is that anything you wear should be well starched and ironed; you don’t want to feel like a crumpled paper!


Accessorize- To Add the Salt in The Dish


fashion styling tips for the modern lady
The key to one’s appearance is not only good fitted clothes, but accessories also play a major role in enhancing your personality. So invest in good scarves… when worn over a nice shirt gives you a diva like persona, a good handbag would not only help you in dumping your things in it, but would also help in making you look good and in the end, a nice pair of sunglasses will enhance your whole face value.

So girls, what are you waiting for and go shopping!!!


Simplicity is The Key to Diva Look


fashion styling tips for the modern lady
Simplicity is every good looking woman’s personal accessory. When going to office, please don’t go as if you are going to a wedding. Don’t take out all your gold jewelry from the locker and wear; you don’t want to shock people. When mix and matching, don’t go overboard and wear prints and florals together or for that matter, please don’t wear two types of stripes, you don’t want to look as if you have run out of a jail!

Your hygiene habits matter a lot in a workplace. It is thus a great idea to carry a hand sanitizer to keep your hands fresh throughout. It is also a good idea to carry a packet of fresh wipes. When you are going to have a long day at work, it is good to carry a deodorant so that others around you do not have to suffer your body odour.

This is just a small little effort from our side to help the young women venturing into the corporate world sooner or later. So girls, Comb your hair sleekly back, minimal makeup, wear your heels and go conquer the world!