7 Not To Miss Delhi University Food Joints

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.

I had explored Delhi University food joints a while back, that was a mesmerising day I still can feel in mouth, lol.It is an award winning achievement when you join the Delhi University or DU in the popular lingo after braving those skyrocketing cut off’s!


So once you secure admission in your favourite college, you start daydreaming about your new life at DU, new friends, new environment, new love!

But wait, that’s the way a normal youth thinks, but some people like me think differently, we think about FOOD!!! Yes the basic thing on which our life depends. So why don’t you help the poor ‘fachchas’ who are joining DU in 2016 and tell them the best places to hog without burning your pocket.

Delhi School of Economics(DSE) Canteen

delhi university food joints

Famous as D School, this canteen was formerly known as the Indian Coffee House for almost 22 years. This canteen is a hit among the students of North campus as it has a lip smacking food at very affordable rates. The ambience is not to miss as you will find not just students, but faculty members and visitors also enjoying a bite here. Don’t miss the delicious mutton cutlet, mutton dosa and spring rolls, masala coke, rajma chawal and of course the eggs curry and jelly ice cream. Moreover, the famous JP tea stall is an added attraction which promises some priceless fun-loving memories.


delhi university food joints

Do you love cuisines like American, Mexican, Italian, well then look no further and head straight to Ricos! It has branches both in North and South Campus and is famous for its high reputation in food. The ambience here is beautiful and the staff is extremely warm that your heart sets upon the tone, rhythm and aroma of the place. Don’t forget to order a milkshake from the menu; they’re heavenly along with Classic Mojito andLasagna. So grab a book or a group of friends and you know where to go!

Momo’s Point

delhi university food joints

Let’s face the fact, we Delhites love Chinese and our version of ‘Punjabi Chinese’ is to die for! So when you get a craving for Chinese, where do you head for? Well, go to Momo’s Point and you won’t be disappointed for sure. The menu initially comprised of the steamed pork, chicken and vegetarian momos. But as time evolved, so did the vibrant menu and now it consists of fried momos, tandoori momos, honey chili potatoes and much more! The long queue of hungry undergrads outside this place speaks for itself. Spicy chicken winglets and Fried pork momos are a must have. So if you are a non vegetarian, this place is heaven for you.


delhi university food joints

Chholey Bhature and Lassi- Shassi! A true Delhite’s identity and if you get this type of combo at place where you study, then you must have done something good in your past life! Bille-Di-Hatti is a small street food joint that has a mouth watering Choley Bhature and Lassi in steel tumblers. Once you’ve tasted Bille’s creamy glass of heaven, you’ll have a hard time settling for anything less. But one suggestion, try and reach early there as there are loads of students waiting to get their hold on this awesome food.

South Indian Cafe’s

delhi university food joints

Well, we have talked about practically every cuisine, so why leave the eternal favorite – South Indian food. As the name suggests, this café which is run by a middle aged man called Anna and caters to all your South Indian cravings without burning a hole in your pocket. Anna’s kitchen also serves chicken biryani on Thursday nights, after 7. A must visit should be made for the yummy medu vadas, dosas and idlis and of course the must haves Tomato rice and Egg rice. Hmm… Am I salivating?

Big Yellow Door

delhi university food joints

Youngsters these days survive on burgers and pizzas and that’s exactly what Big Yellow Door or BYD caters to. An extremely popular joint in the campus, they have pizzas, burgers, pastas and shakes to die for. This hangout opens as early as 8 am and closes as late as 11 pm, so have ample time to savour the menu. Do try their famous BYD Cheese Bomb Burger, Cheesy Nachos Mexicana, and Butter Chicken Pasta, but remember to go exercise in the morning to shake off those calories!!

Crust Bakers

delhi university food joints

No meal is complete without desserts, so we have Mr. Crust bakers. From pastries to puffs and from breads to cakes, all kinds of snacks and quick-bites are available here. It is totally affordable and completes your hangout experience at the North Campus.

These hangouts are not only to satisfy your taste buds and fill your stomach, but they are your second classrooms. You meet new people, strike conversations, laugh at jokes, in short make memories for life. And today if you ask any college pass out, what do they miss the most about college, I bet their answer would be the eating hangouts. So the new batch of 2016, go explore an entire new world at these joints. All the best!!