Do You Know The Cost
Of Making the Garments
You Buy?


Yes, that is something you should know about. We promise, we won’t hide anything from you, it’s totally transparent here and we call it Real Costing. We tell you about each input used to pull in the outfits you buy. We show the clear costing of fabric, labour, logistics and taxes etc.

Other traditional retailers put about 8x margins over the costing to earn the profits due to huge spending on marketing and large workforce. We are not putting a single penny in marketing and we are a small crew of people to act on it, so we don’t believe in making a hole in your pocket.

Real Costing



What’s Good Is Not Affordable
And What’s Affordable Is Not Good.
This Is The Most Common Issue
We Are Solving.


What Makes Us Stand Out


Only For You

We design awesome outfits in limited amount.  This helps us concentrate better on quality design than maintaining large stocks. And this concept assures you that there is less probability someone else known to you will have the same outfit as yours.


Real Costing

We tell you what it really costs us to make your outfits. As a shopper, we realized that what’s good is not affordable and what’s affordable is not good.  So, we resolved to create a brand that’s better and affordable at the same time. We take lesser margins!


Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders all over India. Yes, that’s absolutely true.  We don’t put the burden of transport charges on you. You simply need to shop and your outfit will reach you sooner and without any shipping charges.


365 Days Return

Ohh, it’s not the one you’re supposing it to be? No worries, may be we couldn’t show you what you wanted to see. Simply send back it to us in 365 days, we shall exchange or refund whatever you want us to do.

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