7 Most Adventurous Places in India You Can’t Miss

Vaishali Agrawal

Vaishali holds a B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication. She likes to read novels, write poems and stories. Being an introvert, she gives her words a high voice.

Do you live at same daily routine, gloomy and monotonous life? Then you seriously need a pause to go and explore India’s most adventurous places in India to enjoy your vacations. India is the most alluring land in this world. It contains most beautiful places, forts, waterfalls and adventures to visit them and make your days fantabulous. Then ditch your daily routine for some days and travel more and more with your friends, BFF or with your Life partner.

“There are some parts of the world that once visited, get into your heart won’t go”.

So here are most breathtaking places in India that will literally necessitate you to say “WOW”

Manali- Leh Highway – bike riding

Manali to leh road trip is full of interminable mountains, capricious weather, rugged terrains, narrow canyons and gorges and beautiful landscapes. It is a two day journey of 474 km, while crossing through this road, you feel amazed by seeing the sight like a lurid tale of paradise.

Hogenakkal Falls –Tamilnadu

Hogenakkal falls is a waterfall in south India on the river Kaveri. It’s not excessively far from Bangalore as it is in the border of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Sometimes it is also referred to as “Niagara Falls” of India.

Andaman and Nicobar island

A pristine and serene Andaman and Nicobar island will give you adventurous and exquisite tone. It is covered with coral gardens and the fascinating basalt formation and with azure crystal water. It will give you adventurous scuba diving experience which is unforgettable.

Gulmarg – Kashmir

Kashmir is a paradise on the earth, which is increased by bizarre lake side. The steady rhythm of waves and sparkling wrapped mountains in the blanket of snow add a sense of calm and peace. While roving through a snowfall on the roadside, you will feel the empyrean scene at the sight.

Tea garden hills of Munnar

Munnar is a town situated in the southwestern region of Kerala. It is set with rolling hills and tea plantations with a height of 6000ft. In Idukki district, it is the most idyllic place in incredible India.

Roopkund Trek – Uttarakhand

If you really want fun, horror and adventure then you should really visit Roopkund lake. You will trek with hundreds of human skeletons scattered all over the track. It’s called ‘walking with a dead’ place of India.

Forts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the royal state of traditions, cultures and forts. Most of the history of India hides in the Forts of Rajasthan only. If you are a seeker then you must visit Rajasthan and you will discover lots of mysteries about India.

“Travel, visit and do adventures and make your life more awesome and interesting”.