5 Proven Tips to Make Your Dream Girl Drool For You

Deepti Duggal

Deepti wears multiple hats. A versatile writer, a homemaker and a mom to a 6 year old princess. Alumni of DPS RK Puram and a degree in Fashion Designing make her brainy and creative as well.

So you are finally out from the clutches of school life, you are free from those rules, discipline, those glaring looks of the teachers and of course the rigorous time table…. In short you are free bird..ready to take on the world and spread your wings.


And then you enter your dream college and you are in a new environment all together, new class, new routine, new friends and then suddenly your eyes stop at one place. Your heartbeat starts racing, you hear music in your ears… you feel like dancing…. Don’t worry, you are not auditioning for a movie role.. But you have seen the most beautiful, cutest, adorable girl in the campus and you can’t just take your eyes off her.

But hey hey.. Before you go talk and propose to her, you have competition… there are many like you who are trying to woo her too.. So to grab her attention, you need to do something special, something which is different, something which is ‘hatke’. So here boys.. We come to your rescue and tell you how to make that most adorable girl in the campus go gaga over you-

Tip #1 Appearance matters

Well, we are not telling you to wear tuxedo to college everyday, but girls like boys who take care of their appearances… so lf you go in a nice t-shirt with a well fitted jeans and obviously your hair combed back and if you shave or trim your beard…we are 100% sure you would definitely get noticed…and don’t forget that deodorant.. Girls like good smelling boys… so guys rush to the saloon now!!!

Tip #2 Break the ice

Well, it’s not easy as it sounds. You may feel nervous and scared to approach her, but hey a mere hello and a smile won’t do any harm… so go and show your charm, start a polite conversation and for God’s sake don’t use any cheesy pick up lines… girls hate it!! Everyone likes a person with a sense of humor, so take out all descent jokes from your closet and you are raring to go.

Tip #3 Get Some Talent

Girls easily get attracted to boys who have special talents… playing any musical instrument tops the list, but that doesn’t mean that you join a class immediately and start playing horrible tunes. Talent can be any form, be it dancing, singing, acting to even cooking and painting, girls like boys who have that extra edge to learn something new always.

Tip #4 Find Some Common Interests

Common interests do a lot in wooing a girl, find her hobbies and see if they match with yours or if even they don’t cultivate that hobby in you for her. Go around with her doing what she likes, join a common study group, ask her out for a casual ice-cream, go around exploring the city you never know someone might be falling for you.

Tip #5 Have More Politeness

Girls love boys who talk politely to everyone, so whenever you are in a public place.. Please don’t call the waiter with a hand gesture or the typical ‘oye’, ’chhotu’ thing… its not giving a good impression. Be polite argue with people around. Whenever you are talking to a girl, look into her eyes… that would show how genuine you are and lastly please please never lie, this is like a God sent sermon. Lying is a sin and girls hate dishonest people. So guys put your politeness cap on.

This is just a little effort from our side to help you get the girl of your dreams… but in doing all this remember not to forget your individuality. Don’t try to become someone else. You are unique in your own ways, these are just tips to polish your personality. So what are you waiting for, rush, that adorable girl must be waiting for you !!!